Recommendations for efficient operation of the property

The buildings, which Planex constructs, are in accordance with a number of regulatory documents, one of which is the Energy Efficiency Law. The used energy-saving materials and technologies allow the owners to pay less for the consumed electricity. All external walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and balconies are built with the respective thermal insulation and waterproofing. Therefore, the drilling of floor coverings, plasters and façade panels is not allowed since it would destroy the insulation and proofing and cause leakages or reduce the thermal comfort of the building.

In order to take advantage of the used technologies, it is advisable to maintain the energy efficiency of your home and of the building. These are some recommendations:

  • At least one summer season is necessary for the housing to dry after the building is completed and the moisture to settle within the normal range. If possible, postpone the finishing works for that period.
  • To reduce the risk of damp problems occurring in the rooms during the winter season, do regular aeration by widely opening the windows for about 5-10 minutes, not by constantly keeping the window slightly ajar.
  • Always use the kitchen extractor hood when cooking and the bathroom ventilator fan when having a bath.
  • Properly heat the rooms. Always maintain relatively regular and constant temperature in all rooms of the house. If there are rooms in the apartment, which are not used or inhabited, do not allow air circulation between them and the habitable ones, and ensure regular aeration.

The risk factors for higher moisture in the apartment are the drying of clothes inside the rooms, condensation on the windows during the winter season, which is not regularly removed, much flowers or an aquarium in the rooms; such rooms are to be aerated more often, and a moisture absorber should be installed, if necessary.