Apartment in a new building – advantages and benefits

The purchase of an apartment is to many people a challenge, but it can also be a pleasure for those who know how to choose the best. This article will be your assistant in taking your decision about the type of construction by briefly informing you about the main advantages and disadvantages of the different types.

Whether you are buying a new home or making an investment, it is better to be aware of the following issues:

1. What type of construction you prefer: panel, panel formwork shuttering or brick masonry

In the offers for properties of old brick masonry, there is only one apartment for sale by a private owner in a given building and you cannot choose neither the floor, the orientation of the apartment, the number of rooms in it, nor the view. The installations are deprecated by long exploitation, there is no inner and outer insulation, serious investments are necessary for repair works, which makes the property rather expensive. Often, the common sections are poorly maintained. The advantages of these buildings usually relate to their more central location, the size of the rooms and the greater floor height.

The generally available panel apartments have the most affordable prices on the market. However, they require major repair work, which includes replacement of the electrical installation and the plumbing, plastering and repainting of the walls and ceiling, often accompanied with removal of old layers, replacement of the floor covering, etc. Usually there is no thermal insulation, which implies high expenses for heating. The common sectors are cleaned once a week and the inhabitants are not willing to make general changes because the owners often change or are too old. 

The framework shuttering type of building is stable and unlike the panel constructions, has longer life. In this case, the buyers can take advantage of the lower prices in comparison to the new building, but in this instance, too, there are the same problems as with the panel apartments – need for major repair work, lower value in eventual subsequent sale and poorly maintained common sections. In the case of the framework shuttering type of building, there is a large number of co-owners, which makes the taking of decisions at the general assembly meetings very difficult, for example, when a decision about participation in procedures for renovation of the building has to made.

In comparison to the above, the new building has many undisputable advantages. These are some of them:

  • The design of contemporary buildings is based on the most recent tendencies in the architecture and construction.
  • The most efficient materials and technologies are used for construction of the new buildings.
  • The strict investment control guarantees the high quality of the construction and assembly work and of the used materials.
  • In the new buildings, the buyers are offered a wide choice of floor, orientation and size of the apartment. The earlier they decide on a project, the greater their choice of the most suitable properties will be.
  • The builder provides warranty as stipulated in Regulation No 2 from 31.07.2003 on building commissioning in Republic of Bulgaria and minimum guaranteed lifetime for construction and assembly works, constructions and construction sites. Have a look at the guaranteed lifetime periods here.
  • The common sections are maintained by companies specialized in building management.


2. Is there a possibility to change the distribution of the property according to your interior preferences?

In the panel apartments, the removal even of a single wall of the property can endanger the entire construction of the building. In such apartment blocks, you cannot be sure how many times the owners have changed and what modifications each of them has made.

The modern technologies of building allow the buyers to make changes in the process of construction. They can easily separate or merge rooms. Thus, each property can conform to the individual requirements of the client, and have unique design and functionality.

3. Energy efficiency

In the new building, the monthly expenses for heating are lower. The newer the building is, the more energy efficient the material and technologies used for thermal insulation will be, because the standards are constantly increasing. Thus, for example, the high-quality thermal insulation and the suspended facades of the buildings, besides their aesthetical function, also contribute to the additional retention of heath inside the apartments.

4. Possibility for finishing works

The larger construction companies offer the option of finishing the purchased property in the new buildings and this can save you time in searching for repair teams and contracting conditions with them. You can be sure that the finishing works will be done with high quality by experts who know the building and its installations well.

5. Financial efficiency

The purchase of apartments in new buildings is a more lucrative investment. The new building will maintain its value and it can even rise during the next years. There is no need for expensive repair works to eliminate the effects from previous exploitation, as in old apartments, and the expenses for heating and property maintenance are considerably lower.

The good choice of an apartment ensures a maximum good quality of life for the future inhabitants. This includes optimal usage of the available space, maximum functionality of the rooms and flexible spatial solutions, energy and financial efficiency and easy maintenance.

This is where you can view our new building property offers, which would to a maximum degree satisfy all requirements when purchasing a property for living or for investment.