Changes in the architectural plans and installations of the property

The design of a building is subject to strict constructional and architectural requirements. The observance of the accepted norms ensures the safe operation of the building and the comfort of its future inhabitants.

Therefore, it is unacceptable to remove a load-bearing wall, to build a bathroom above your neighbor’s closet or to move the kitchen to the bedroom. 

Of course, there are a number of construction changes that are entirely possible and do not disturb the building’s construction and other technical requirements. These can be the following:

  • removing a partition wall between two rooms if the owner wishes to use them as one;
  • removing electrical switches, sockets and leads for TV and internet connection to places matching the desired interior design;
  • installing additional electrical outlets when necessary, without overloading the electric main;
  • moving plumbing outlets to smaller distances from their original construction position;
  • changes in the window grid or replacement of the double glazing packs.

If you want to make changes in your property and to make sure they are possible, we recommend you to consult our architects and designers. Thus, you will avoid mistakes and problems with the stability of the building and the safety of your neighbors and yourself.

It is recommendable to make the changes as early as the construction stage so that the owner of the property saves time, efforts and additional expenses; furthermore, these changes will be made by the builder, who provides warranty for the construction works.

All changes in the architectural plan of the property and its installations after the Certificate of habitation has been issued can be done by the owner, provided that he or she obtains the approval of the builder and the designers of the building.