Aquarelle Residence won the Grand prix Building of the year 2016

For a 15th year on end the National Competition Building of the year reviewed the best buildings in Bulgaria accomplished in 2016. This is the most prestigious event in the field of the investment projects, construction and architecture in our country.

The 28-member jury consisting of representatives of the professional and the academic societies, the inter-branch organizations and leading companies in the industry, with a chairman the Deputy Minister of the Regional Development and Public Works Denitsa Nikolova, univocally awarded the first prize in the Residential Complexes category to Aquarelle Residence – Varna. The builder of this impressive closed-type residential complex in the Varna suburb Briz is Planex. The investor of the awarded building is Planex Invest, the designer is architect Martin Christov, and the constructor is engineer Vesselin Parvanov.

Aquarelle Residence demonstrates the vision of Planex for an improved living environment with maximum proximity to nature. The complex meets to a highest degree the contemporary requirements of a “green building” – energy efficiency, use of natural materials and creation of new green spaces. The major priority in the arrangement of the buildings in Aquarelle Residence was the preservation of the pinewood in combination with the habitation comfort.

“Since spring, many people have asked me to show them Aquarelle. After the walk, they all sat down on a bench in the park and said “I don’t want to leave this place”. To me, this was a kind of favorable assessment. I would like to express my gratitude to the Planex team, the designers, the jury, and to all our partners and clients” – these were the words of the Planex Manager Eng. Plamen Andreev at the official ceremony where the Building of the year statuette was awarded.

This was one of the many prestigious awards for the Varna construction company. In October, Aquarelle Residence was pronounced the Best residential building in Varna region at the Golden Plummet 2016 competition.

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