Property leasing

Planex offers to its clients integrated management and rental of residential units, offices and commercial premises thus allowing them to gain additional income and return on their investment. Our experts will do the evaluation and will advise you about the best rental price, about possible improvements in the property and other details.

The service on management and leasing of property is personal and a separate contact has to be signed for it. This contract specifies the rental price the owner wishes to get, and makes detailed description of the condition of the property, the time for which it is to be leased, and the restrictive criteria for selection of tenants.

We save your time and guarantee your peace and calm, regular income and leisure time by:

  • advertising the property, contacting the tenants and organizing property surveys, signing the rental contacts and ensuring the regular payment of the rent;
  • making regular surveys of the property regardless of its being rented or not (checking for the normal functioning of the installations and the appliances, and for the availability of all possessions and furniture). The results from the survey are reported to you. In case of irregularities or need of repair works, we coordinate the necessary measures with you and take actions to correct them.
  • being in constant contact with you, keeping you informed  about tenants, expenses, incomes, etc.

If the property you want to lease is in some of our holiday complexes, you can use the services we offer through our brand My Vacation in Bulgaria. We will take all commitments for categorization of the apartment, advertising and relations with tour operators, meeting and accommodation of tourists, reporting, etc.