The advantages of buying an apartment in a closed-type residential complex

The demand for higher-class properties in closed-type residential complexes has been gradually increasing in the last years. These properties are preferred due to their location in more peaceful regions in the periphery of the city, in low buildings with specific architecture.

Some of the most important reasons for the purchase of an apartment in a closed-type complex are the safety and the peace it offers. Therefore, when constructing and operating this type of sites, Planex pays special attention to the controlled access, the surveillance and security systems, and the organizing of janitorial service.

The closed-type residential complexes have a number of advantages, some of which are:

  • they are usually built in the periphery of the city, close to major thoroughfares with easy access to the downtown and other important places.
  • they have large yards with lots of green vegetation.
  • low-type of building with maximum 3-4 floors;
  • sufficient underground car spaces and surface parking lots;
  • some of them offer extra facilities such as Spa centers, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground, etc;
  • janitorial services for taking care and maintenance of the common sections.

Those willing to purchase property in a closed-type residential complex, are seeking for security, extra facilities, family comfort, seclusion and similar social status.

All these give significant advantages to the apartments in the closed-type residential complexes in comparison to housing in a concrete apartment building and the housing cooperatives. Therefore, they are becoming increasingly desirable to the people who are looking for a higher living standard.

These are some examples of our successful urban projects of closed-type residential complexes in Varna: complex Panorama (suburb Briz), complex Boutique Residence (village zone Trakata) and complex Aquarelle Residence (suburb Briz). All three complexes were awarded at the prestigious competition Building of the Year:

  • in 2003, Panorama ranked first in the Residential Complexes category;
  • Boutique Residence was awarded the special prize for most harmonious living environment in 2008;
  • Aquarelle Residence won the Grand Prix in 2016.

These complexes were also given numerous awards and certificates of excellence in the regional competition Golden Plummet of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber – Varna.