The new Smart video intercom system

The Smart video intercom system is an innovative solution, which is becoming increasingly more frequent in the process of design of the contemporary residential buildings. The new method for control of the access to our homes is exceptionally comfortable and in accordance with the hectic lifestyle of the working man. The new technology will be installed in two successive projects of Planex: the residential complexes of closed type Coral Residence in Varna and Sundance in Sofia.

What is the Smart intercom system and how does it look like?

Each apartment is equipped with a 7-inch monitor display installed at the entrance door (tablet type); it is a Touch-Screen color monitor with resolution 1024x600 pixels. It operates on Linux OS and works through internet connection. Its main function is of an intercom, with a possibility to hear and see the person who is at the entrance door. Apart from your own home, you will be able to remotely control the security and access to it in another two ways: through a computer and through a smartphone application.

The additional features of the device are as follows: connection (call) with the other monitor panels in the building, voice recorder, autoresponder, “Do not disturb” mode. The device has a slot for a SD card of up to 32 GB memory for storage of your voice and video recordings.

The multi-user front panel that will be installed at the entrance door of the buildings, will have a 1.3 megapixel built-in video camera (1280x720@25 fps), wide-angle lens 120°, and a built-in 3.5-inch color LCD screen (480x320).

The access of external individuals to the common sections will be restricted by a card or a chip, which will be given only to the residents of the complex. 

The entire Smart video-intercom system will be operated through a janitor intercom installation also equipped with a Touch-Screen color display, camera, earphone and microphone. It will have direct view to the cameras installed in the residential building and will store the data about the issued access cards, and will be connected to all intercom devices. The Internet connection will allow messaging and video communication with the janitor or the manager directly from the device in your apartment.

A DVR decoder (digital video recorder) will store all video recordings from the last two weeks.