What is BSS in construction?

BSS Standard. A check-up at the Bulgarian Institute for Standartization, however, shows that such a standard does not exist in construction.

“Completed according to BSS” in the real estate market means that the building has completely finished common parts and façade, while the apartments will be sold as follows:

- The walls in all residential premises are plastered and/or ready for painting or covering with wallpaper;

- The walls in the sanitary facilities have plaster on the brick walls, and water-proof plasterboard with cement coating on the walls;

- The apartment floors have cement coating;

- The floors of terraces and loggia are completed with stoneware;

- PVC window casings are installed. The good construction companies choose the type of window casing according to the specific climatic conditions of the respective region, and the glazing – according to the orientation of the apartment;

- Front entrance doors have been placed. Most construction companies would abstain from installation of interior doors since they are a part of the overall interior concept and are always in accordance with the height of the flooring;

- The plumbing is constructed and the respective end points to be connected are plugged;

- The electrical installations are with mounted switches and sockets, phone, TV and Internet jacks, and sockets for lightning.

The purchase of an apartment according to BSS is a good decision because the clients can finish their home the way they want. This includes individual choice of materials, equipment, colors and overall design.

The larger construction companies have their own Finishing Works Department. This allows the buyers to assign the completion of their home to experts with good knowledge of the building.