Maintenance of the common sections in residential complex Coral Residence in Varna

When purchasing an apartment, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the habitation within the entire residential complex, too. The better the building is maintained, the longer the properties in it will keep their value. Therefore, all residential complexes of Planex Company are serviced and managed by the Operation and Maintenance of Properties Department.

Each residential complex is specific and its peculiarities determine the range and value of the maintenance service. A major role in the price formation plays the size of the complex itself and the type of facilities envisaged in the project. The advance of the modern technologies and the smart operational systems, besides assisting the work of man, make his home life easier. The necessity of a fast reaction and action by a single press of a button, without losing precious time, has contributed to the modernization of the buildings.

Coral Residence, located in Briz suburb of Varna city, will be a closed-type residential complex. It will have a lavishly green back yard with areas for relaxation, a children’s playground and an outdoor swimming pool. Each apartment will be equipped with a multi-split air-conditioning system and a video-intercom device that will provide direct control of access and security. During the daytime, a service officer will monitor and ensure the compliance with the regulations in the two buildings, and a team of technicians and gardeners will be responsible for the overall maintenance, cleanness, good vision and operational order in the complex.

The envisaged annual maintenance tax in Coral Residence includes the following services and activities:

  • Fault rectification related to the everyday exploitation of the common sectors;
  • Maintenance of the video surveillance and access control systems;
  • Maintenance of the elevator systems;
  • Regular surveys and cleaning of sewer shafts, drainage systems, roofs and other within the common sections of the building;
  • Organizing repair works for post-warranty installations;
  • Cleaning of the common sectors in the building and of the yard;
  • Maintenance of the green areas: mowing, fertilization, watering, planting, trimming; maintenance of the automatic irrigation system;
  • Cleaning and treatment with chemicals of the water areas. 

There will be a technical manager at the complex, who will be responsible for:

  • Contacts with the owners, whistleblowers and technical failures;
  • Taking care for compliance with the inner regulations in the residential complex;
  • Keeping the register of owners;
  • Paying the monthly bills for electricity and water of the common sections due to the electricity and water supplier companies;
  • Regularly making walking surveys of the residential complex to identify potential problems, contacts subcontractors, etc.
  • Collecting the regular payments for maintenance and management of the complex. Keeping, controlling and distributing current expenditures.

You can read more about residential complex Coral Residence here, and the article on our blog will give you more information about the new Smart video-intercom system, that will be installed in the apartments.

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