Be careful whom you buy your property from

When you purchase an apartment directly from the builder, it is important to be careful and to observe several major rules:

  1. Carefully check the construction company. You can estimate their previous experience by examining their already built sites. The stable construction companies usually have traceable history and numerous realized projects.
  2. See if they can provide you with sufficient details on the building and the apartment you want to purchase. The description of your property should include more than the square meters and the price. A number of important features of the inputs should be added.
  3. Find out if they are able to provide competent consultancy during the entire process of property purchase. Preliminary available and complete information about the stages through which you have to go and the accompanying obligations can save you many unpleasant surprises.   
  4. Check if the company will engage with additional services such as finishing work in the property, maintenance and management of the building, rental of the owners’ apartments, etc. This is an indication of an existing stable organization which, to a large extent, guarantees that the company will not disappear without a trace after having sold you the housing.

Trust companies with good image and experience, which are attentive to their customers, which can provide consultancy on a wide range of issues related to the acquisition of a property, and which inform you in detail on the materials and technologies used in construction. 

Information about the construction companies can be found at the web site of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (, and elsewhere in the media.