Maintenance of buildings and properties

The maintenance of buildings is an activity, which ensures integrated comfort of habitation, excellent functionality of the constructions, cleanness and order, and which preserves the good condition and high value of the buildings with the properties in it.  A team of experts with excellent technical competence, well-organized and equipped, is necessary for the maintenance of the buildings. These are the main advantages of hiring a firm specialized in the maintenance of buildings and properties:

  • high level of hygiene in the common sections, cleaning consumables and equipment;
  • experts on various technical issues – plumbing, electrical installations, building works, etc., who can ensure the smooth operation of all installations and facilities in the building;
  • regular surveys of the building’s condition and organizing repair works when necessary;
  • lower operation costs and saving of finances;
  • директна връзка с мениджъра на сградата, който координира всички необходими действия; direct relation with the building’s manager, who coordinates all necessary activities;
  • comfort, security, peace and calmness of habitation.

The professional maintainers of buildings and properties can save time and efforts of the owners in collection of fees, organizing meetings, cleaning and repair works, etc. Since 2003, Planex is also developing this type of service in all its residential complexes. We have rich experience and in-depth technical expertise in the construction, repair works, maintenance and management of residential, holiday and business complexes, and individual households. We believe that the professional maintenance of the buildings preserves the value of the property in them for a very long time; therefore, we pay special attention to it.