Main obligations of the condominium managers

The professional condominium manager takes care of the overall maintenance and management of the building. He performs multiple activities simultaneously and has to be competent in all administrative issues related to the condominium residential units and the facilities and installations in the building.

The condominium manager is aware of the current condition of the common sections, knows the owners and the tenants in the residential units, keeps account of the finances in the common fund, knows what are the security and safety protocols of the building and whom to contact in case of a problem.

The condominium manager has good interpersonal skills and knows how to approach each client, how to balance the different interests of the condominium property owners, he is competent in defending their interests in front of the municipal authorities and the providers of communal services.

The condominium manager can prevent and settle disputes between neighbors. He is the mediator, who, by commanding good knowledge on the norms and internal order regulations, suggests possible solutions and finds the best approach to each neighbor.

The professional condominium manager contributes to the order, calmness and security of the life in the building.