Maintenance and Management Fee

The good maintenance of the buildings preserves the high value of the properties in them for a long time. To provide a quality service, the professional condominium manager should have at his disposal good specialists, modern equipment and materials.

The maintenance services of a building generally include cleaning, janitorial service, maintenance of the green areas and/or the water areas, technical servicing of the installations in the building and repair work, cleaning of the snow, administration, etc.

The maintenance fee is calculated according to the specificity of the respective building – total area, number of floors, available installations and facilities, size of the green or water areas, frequency of cleaning, availability of security service, number of housing units and other peculiarities. The price of the service is directly dependent on the condition of the building. Thus for example, the value of the green areas maintenance may vary depending on the availability of a watering system. The fee includes all organizational and administrative activities related to the smooth functioning and inhabitation of the building. These are:

  • organizing general assembly meetings of the owners and dealing with current procedure issues;
  • preparing Internal rules of procedure and control over their observance; registration of condominium property in the respective municipality and keeping the complete set of documentation (Registry of property owners, regulations, instructions, etc.)
  • representation in front of the administrative authorities in Bulgaria;
  • calculation and collection of fees and payment of monthly expenses for the common sections of the building.
  • monitoring for smooth operation of the building and preparing regular reports on its condition, planning of repair works;
  • control over the work of suppliers and services, timely reaction to emergencies.