The first close-type residential complex in Bulgaria

In the distant year 2001, Planex started the construction of a large-scale residential complex in suburb Briz in Varna, in close proximity to Varna stadium. Everybody considered the idea too innovative for the Bulgarian market, and the investment – too risky.

We called this complex Panorama because of the wonderful view to the sea, to the Galata cape and to a part of Varna lake. This was the first closed-type residential complex in Bulgaria, built in two main stages during 2001 – 2004, which possessed 15 100 square meters of total built-up are, a rather impressive size for that time.

Panorama consists of 9 entrances, 122 apartments, shops, garages, underground parking lot with parking spaces for the inhabitants of the building, a large green yard, children’s playground, etc.

When the first-stage part of the complex became operational in 2002, the first janitorial service in a residential building in Bulgaria also started work. It ensured controlled access to the building and security. Maintenance of the common areas of the buildings and of the yard was also provided.

Especially for Panorama complex, we developed the first website for online property sales in Bulgaria for a specific site. It gained tremendous success and presented the residential complex in Bulgaria as well as abroad. It is no longer available, having served its purpose.

The Panorama project was a new idea for the Bulgarian market. It proved its efficiency by its successful and fast realization. In 2005, the complex was highly evaluated by the jury of the national Building of the year competition, taking the first prize in the category Residential buildings and complexes. Its name became popular among the local citizens of Varna and even today you can find the place Panorama of Planex just by asking, without knowing the exact address.

In the years following its construction, the area around Panorama is still developing and improving. Residential buildings and small service businesses are being built, the infrastructure is developing, and with the construction of the new Varna stadium, this urban area is becoming entirely modern in form.

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