Elevator Installations at Coral Residence Complex

Since the invention of the first modern elevators in the 19th century, their design and mode of operation has changed many times. Nowadays these constructions are much faster, more functional, safer and more secure.

The new technologies are introduced rapidly in the elevator industry and improvements are constantly made. Electronic key-boards are replacing the buttons, the design of the elevator car is being modernized, most elevators are now automatically operated, and the levels of speed and shutdown can be controlled by a computer. 

Depending on the type of drive, the elevators can be electrical and hydraulic. The installations at Coral Residence are of both types.

There are two elevators in each of the two buildings of the residential complex, and they meet the new standard EN81-20/50, which is in force from 01.09.2017. The elevators are designed to transport 630 kg* at speed 1.00 m/sec. This means that the maximum number of passengers is 8, and they will travel the distance from one floor to another for 3 sec.

For greater safety, the elevator cars are equipped with:

-  photocells on the doors, which are motion-sensitive;

-  indicators for load control

-  alarm button

-  ERD with an emergency button for passage to the nearest station in case of electricity blackout;

-  emergency lightning and two-way (telephone) communication between the elevator car and the service technicians.

For additional convenience, the elevator car will be equipped with buttons for opening/closing of the doors, discrete LED lightning, mirror and hand-hold.

The access to the underground parking lot in residential complex Coral Residence is provided by a freight elevator for automobiles. Its drive is hydraulic, with a lower machine room. It is intended for transportation of automobiles with maximum weight 4 300 kg, and the speed is 0.3 m/sec. Consecutively, the elevator ride will take about 30 seconds, and due to its great working load, the driver can stay inside the automobile. In this device, the safety is ensured by a motion sensor and two-way (telephone) communication between the elevator and the emergency service technicians.

In case of electricity blackout, you may not be afraid that the elevator will be stuck between the floors. There is a diesel generator in the residential complex, which is activated automatically if electrical failure occurs.

The number, type and speed of the elevators in residential complex “Coral  Residence” are in accordance with the regulations and the comfort of the passengers. When we construct our sites, the most important thing for us is to provide to the people a place, which is beautiful and peaceful, where they can feel comfortable and recognize it as their new home. Above all, our most important goal is to turn this place into a safe and secure living environment, where everyone feels protected.

*The weight of the nominal load of the elevators is measured in kg, taking 75 kg as the conditional weight of one passenger.