The swimming pool at residential complex Coral Residence

Similar to other closed-type residential complexes of ours, at Coral Residence in Briz suburb of Varna city, too, we had in mind the necessity of different facilities and extras for the residents. The common areas around the buildings will be decorated with various plants and flowers and there will be a playground for the children and small areas for recreation.

Amidst the greenness and tranquility of the yard, an outdoor swimming pool with space for relaxation will be constructed. Its total area will be 122 sq. m., and its maximum length and width – 11.80 and 11.50 m, respectively.

The type of construction is a swimming pool with an overflow weir, and according to the requirements, a compensatory reservoir will be made. As any other swimming pool, this one, too, will have a technical room equipped with filters, pumps, etc.

In the swimming pools with overflow weirs, the water is even with the edge of the pool deck and with the level of the terrain. It flows through a grating into a channel (overflow tube) placed along the perimeter of the swimming pool. Then it goes into a special compensatory tank, and, having been mechanically and chemically cleaned, the water goes back into the tub through nozzles.

Constructing of an overflow weir is recommendable in swimming pools for public use due to the more aesthetic vision and the absence of “dead zones” that would trap leaves, etc.

In general, the swimming pools can be divided into many different types depending on their purpose, characteristics, construction, size, form, etc.

For example:

- according to their purpose, they can be family, SPA, for relaxation and recreation, for sports;

- according to their size, they can be of standard Olympic size (50 m length x 25 m width), or of special design according to the size of the terrain.

- according to their shape, they can be rectangular, round, oval, with free, non-standard shape, or can even be designed in the form of an every-day object.

It is obligatory for any swimming pool the water in it to be cleaned, which can be done in two ways – chemically (using special chemical preparations) or mechanically (using different techniques for water filtration). Thus, the water filtration system determines the most important types: skimmers and overflow swimming pools.

In the skimmer swimming pools (with special apertures in the upper part of the walls) the water level is lower than the pool’s deck and paving around it. The water is filtered with the help of a pump, which sucks it through the skimmers. After having been mechanically cleaned and treated with chemicals, the water goes back to the swimming pool.

The disadvantage of this construction type is that no matter how well the skimmers are positioned, there always are “dead zones”.

The swimming pool in Coral Residence is situated in the southern part of the land plot, which ensures direct sunlight during the entire day. Its shape is irregular, specially designed to fit the terrain. Internally, it will be divided into two levels: a part of it is meant for adults, with depth from 1.10 to 1.40, while the other one will be for the small children, with depth 0.60 m.

Each May, the construction will be filled with water so that it can warm up till summer. Lying care-free on the sunbeds, the residents can enjoy the hot summer days, catching the sunrays till the end of September.

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