Finishing and furnishing a bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important zones during the finishing works of a home. Its completion and furnishing is labor-intensive and expensive and should meet many requirements since this is a space, which will be exploited for a much longer period before it is repaired and refurnished. The bathroom space is small but very important activities for the family have to be carried out inside it.

To have a comfortable and beautiful bathroom and be able to fully enjoy the time spent in it, there are several important practical advices that Planex give to their clients.


To begin with, it will be good to get a very clear idea beforehand of how exactly you wish your bathroom to look like, taking into account the available space, and to preliminary outline the different zones in it. What are the colors you like, what sanitary equipment can be installed, is it better to have a shower screen, or will you feel better in a shower box? Or may be in a relaxing bath-tub? What will be the sink: will it have a washstand cabinet, or will it be a conventional porcelain basin? The contemporary trends are to use integral wall support for wall-mounted toilets, but you can also choose compact equipment comprising of a toilet bowl and flushing mechanism.

There is a rich choice of mixing faucets as well: if you wish, for example, to treat yourself with extra comfort and special sensations for your daily bath, you can choose a wall-mounted model with stationary shower head. They have different wellness and spa options – color therapy, aroma therapy, music therapy, as well as an option for personalized programming based on your particular needs and wishes. They can also simulate rain shower, cascade or the simple down-flow of water in nature. Only a mirror can be placed above the sink, or a mirrored bathroom cabinet with illumination may be chosen. There are a number of interesting suggestions for the bathroom ceiling, as well. Illumination is an important accent, which completes the overall vision of the bathroom. The crescent moon type of mounted ceiling lights are an original decision creating pleasant visual comfort.

The Project

Having specified all materials, we can proceed to preparing the project and visualization. At this stage, it is important to determine the precise position of the existing plumbing outlets and electric sockets and to position the sanitary equipment accordingly. If necessary, corrections can be done in the plumbing installation and the electrical mains depending on the the individual requirements of each client, to ensure his comfort.

The implementation

After the project is ready and the client has approved it, we can further proceed to its implementation. It is necessary to observe all technological processes and standards, including the obligatory hydro insulation to protect the adjacent rooms from possible leakages.

The good idea and design and their precise implementation are equally important to us.