The spirit of the sea in our holiday complexes

If you have a look at our holiday complexes in Portfolio, you will see these are not typical buildings at all. Each has unique architecture and details making it memorable – the Building with the cockerel, The Windmill, The Boat, etc.

The details we highlight or add in each project give specific spirit to the buildings; they express our desire to create peculiar environment. An environment that is impossible to leave you indifferent to the lovely background of your romantic summer nights.

Our first own investment project of a holiday complex was realized in 2005 in the seaside resort Sunny Beach. We called it Arcadia – the land of the happy, carefree, joyful living. Situated 350 m from the beach, with own swimming pool and parking lot, the complex has 39 apartments measuring from 52 to 105 sq. meters. The property owners in Arcadia are Bulgarian, English and Irish citizens.

In the summer of 2006, we completed our second holiday complex – the luxury Splendid St. Constantine in the seaside resort St. St. Constantine and Helena, located 8 km from Varna city. Its architecture is classical in style, with rich ornamentation with capitals, friezes and colonnades. The complex provides numerous additional services at its four-star hotel part. The 67 luxury implemented and furnished apartments sized from 71 to 213 sq. meters are property of Bulgarian and Russian citizens.

At the end of 2006, we realized our southernmost holiday complex in Sozopol, which is one of the most interesting and memorable buildings in the town. The architecture of Sozopol Dreams follows the idea of the natural terrain terraces, on which numerous but small little houses “flock” in groups, united by accents typical of a seaside settlement such as a lighthouse or a windmill. The complex has 44 apartments from 42 to 122 sq. meters, most of them owned by Bulgarian and Irish citizens.

In 2007, we completed the largest holiday complex in our portfolio in Obzor. Its architecture is in the style of the seaside house, with arches and colonnades forming beautiful long galleries – therefore the complex was named Gallery. Here you will find the peace and comfort of the typical summerhouse, buried in abundant green vegetation, with terraces overlooking the Black sea. The complex has 75 apartments and 122 studios, and the owners are of various nationalities – Bulgarian, English, Irish, Russian, Slovak, Polish.

Sirena Sea house was completed in 2008 in close proximity to the seashore in Byala, 50 km to the south of Varna. In Sirena you can enjoy a terrace in the shape of a boat and dip into the tranquility and silence of the lazy summer afternoons. There are a total of 42 apartments in the complex sized from 51 to 94 sq. meters, property of Bulgarian and Russian citizen.

In 2010 we accomplished our northernmost holiday site, situated 50 m from the seashore, in the resort area of Kavarna, under Chirakman hill, and gave it the romantic name Villa Allegra. The architecture is rich in specific details made from stone and wrought iron, but at the same time pure in form, implying refined luxury and romance. The complex has 29 apartments, implemented and furnished by an original interior design project.

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