Major steps in creating a good interior

Interior design has been the topic of numerous publications in magazines and on-line media, because it is of special importance to all of us in what environment we live and work. The comfort, the functional distribution, the colors and light can create certain atmosphere, can stimulate the work process and help you focus or relax. 

The concept of warmth, beauty and comfort is specific for each person and his or her sense of harmony; therefore, the furnishing of each apartment is a challenge. The consultancy with an interior designer is a convenience and often prevents future mistakes.

One of the additional services of Planex in the sales of properties is the interior design project, finishing works and furnishing. Our experts share what are the main steps in the creation of a good interior solution:

  • Evaluation of the actual conditions of the property: determining its functional zones, the possibilities for changes, the orientation. The size and illumination of the rooms are important for placement of the furniture, the choice of flooring and the choice of colors, textile and lights.
  • Compliance with the specific wishes of the inhabitants, their habits, favorite pastime and hobbies. If you love reading or spending more time watching TV, the accents in the interior will be different from those with people who love cooking and having guests. It is also important what you do not like – cold nuances, artificial materials, etc.
  • Good knowledge about the producers and suppliers of quality furniture, equipment and accessories for home and office. This is probably the most difficult part because you must have the most recent information about the prices, and also where to find what you need. Thus, you can ensure timely deliverance according to the schedule for completion of the finishing works.
  • Setting up a budget within the amount given by the client, optimizing the solutions, the materials, etc.
  • Organizing and appointment of experts for the different types of activities. Control over implementation.

To make easier the choice of a property and the interior solution for our clients, in 2017 we developed five original interiors to illustrate how a comfortable home in the complex Aquarelle Residence in Varna may look like. You can view the completed and furnished apartments here.

Besides the demo interiors, we can realize your ideas of a home in any other purchased property. You can view here  our topical offers in the category “Residential properties”.