Coral Residence – four months after the beginning of construction

The construction of the new residential complex of Planex Company – Coral Residence in Briz suburb of Varna city started in October 2017.

Four months later the construction works go on uninterrupted and at a rate ahead of the estimated dates due to the good climatic conditions during the winter and the professionalism of the workers at the construction site.

By the end of February of 2018, the roofing slate of corpus B was ready, the brickwork was entirely completed in all properties, back filling and levelling of the terrain around the building is being done. Access to the apartments for survey has been provided, so that an idea can be formed about the size and view of each room.

Corpus B consists of four floors, which accommodate a total of 20 apartments. Here  you can see the properties for sale in corpus B.

Due to the specificity of the terrain and the organization of the construction site, the building of the larger Corpus A follows the construction of Corpus B. By the end of February 2018, the foundations of the underground parking and the slates of the first and second floor of Corpus A were completed. Work is going on the construction of the shuttering of elevation +5.90. The completion of the rest of the slates in Corpus A and the masonry work of the apartments is planned to finish by the end of 2018.

Corpus A consists of five floors with a total of 43 apartments. All south-facing apartments of the second, third, fourth and fifth floor will have a view to the sea. Have a look at the properties for sale from Corpus A here.

Complex Coral Residence is located on a terrain of 4 227 sq. m. and consists of two buildings with southern facing to the Varna gulf. A total of 63 apartments with two, three and four rooms are designed, with area from 60 to 220 sq. m. On the territory of the residential complex, there will be an outdoor parking lot and an indoor car park, children’s playground, outdoor swimming pool and lavishly green patio with relaxation areas.

More information about the construction site, visualizations and photos can be seen here. An architectural model, project and the apartments free for sale can be viewed at our office in Varna on 55 Lyuben Karavelov St. You are welcome to visit us. To make an appointment or inspection of an apartment, contact us at 052/610 746, 088 212 2 212 or