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Legal advising

Our legal department takes care of the transactions with real estate property of Planex. We proved overall legal services for our clients, as well as possibility for consultancy at all stages of property acquisition.

Our legal advisors have commitments to:

  • prepare and personalize the preliminary contract for purchase of a property for each individual case;
  • prepare the necessary documents for conveyancing – tax evaluations, plans, schemes, certificates, etc.
  • prepare all supplementary documents for bank loan transactions;
  • prepare the title deed;
  • assistance in and writing of credentials for transactions when the buyer is impeded to personally attend the conveyance;
  • consultancy on specific cases and issues related to the acquisition of property.

For the legal consultancy on the transactions with our properties, our customers do not owe any additional payment. As a compliment to them, Planex pays half of the registration and notary fees due on the property conveyance.

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