Viva! The modern urban environment

Complex Viva is a Planex project for comprehensive solution of the urban environment, with specific areas for shopping, work, recreation and entertainment. It is developed in the region of 10th post office in Varna – one of the busiest and most dynamic parts of Levsky suburb. It is located at a 15 minutes walking distance from the Sea Garden Park and 25 minutes from the downtown.

Viva consist of four independent buildings, with total built-up floor are of 58 600 sq. meters, and was realized in several stages during 2005 – 2011. At its final completed stage, Viva has a total of 343 apartments, 20 commercial areas, a separate office building with total built-up floor area of 3 132 sq. meters, a children’s center with total built-up floor area of 6 635 sq. meters, a supermarket, sports center and over 380 parking spaces distributed in the underground parking lots of the buildings.

The first stage of the project started in 2005 with the construction of Viva 1 with total built-up floor area of 8 882 sq. meters. The building has three entrances with a total of 52 apartments measuring from 75 to 180 sq. meters, two shops, two offices, a show room, pizzeria and underground parking spaces. The building houses the management office of Planex construction activities in Varna. The management of the investment and consulting business of the company is carried out in the central office at 55 Lyuben Karavelop Str.

In parallel with the construction of Viva 1, in 2006 the construction of Viva 2 also began; it is the smallest of the four sites, measuring 5 381 sq. meters of total built-up useful floor area. The project plan of the building includes 49 apartments, 4 shops, 1 office, and five garages and underground parking spaces.

At the end of 2007 started the construction of the largest of the four buildings – Viva 4. Its total built-up useful floor area is 23 835 sq. meters and includes 121 apartments, children’s center “Mama and I“ with different shops, study rooms, children’s art schools, food areas, a supermarket, a coffee-shop and a two-level underground parking lot.

Although third in number, Viva 3 was the last constructed Viva complex, with 20 510 sq. meters of total built-up floor area. Its construction began in 2008 and was implemented in several stages. The building’s project plan includes 121 apartments, 13 shops, a separate corpus meant entirely for offices and a two-level underground parking lot.

Apart from the residential buildings and the respective service sites, we also invested in the construction of new streets in the region with all necessary communications, in park areas with water effects, children’s playgrounds, etc. The overall vision of the complex demonstrates our contemporary attitude to the environment we created, and its comfort and aestheticism.

All Viva buildings are of open type, but they have functioning systems for controlled access and video surveillance. Twenty-four-hour security service is provided, as well as constant management and maintenance of the buildings.

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