The concept of the Planex buildings

For more than 25 years now, entrepreneurship is not just the construction of another residential or office building for us. We lay emphasis on the overall product which changes the culture of habitation and which evokes emotions and satisfaction in our clients.  

The “tools” we use to create each new unique building, are innovative architecture, modern technologies, equipment and materials, attention to details and precision of work.

We choose such terrains for construction, which allow developing aesthetic living environment, both functional and comfortable.

We are building homes for the people where they can live happily, feel safe and be calm, and where they can find entertainment in their free time. We are trying to provide the best conditions for the development of our children. We make special efforts to ensure places for sports and recreation for people from all age groups.

Our concept is completed by our ambition, creativity, and desire to work and improve until we achieve the optimal balance between form, function and environment.

What we have been doing for many years is right in front of the eyes of the people. As a form of our responsibility to the society, the Planex buildings are avant-garde and recognizable, they blend in the environment and make our cities more beautiful and aesthetic.

We enjoy and cherish the recognition of our clients who say the difference our projects make is in the feeling of harmony and “soul” we put in our work.

So, we will continue to work this way, because we love what we do ….