Taking care of our buildings in the winter season

The preparing of the buildings for the beginning of the winter season is important for avoiding problems caused by abundant snowfalls and rainfalls, low temperatures and other seasonal troubles due to weather variations.

In the buildings maintained by Planex, we pay serious attention to this and appropriate resources for preventive actions. We start as early as September by checking the condition of the roofs, gutters, linear flow pipes, sewer shafts and grids. In case of compromised places, immediate repair is undertaken. During the active defoliation of trees in October, November and December, we regularly check and clean the roofs, shafts, and drain traps to prevent possible obstructions in case of heavy rainfalls and snow melting.

In cases of snowfall and icing of the buildings maintained by Planex, the ground coverings are treated with environmentally friendly chemicals, which are more efficient at low temperatures and which do not damage the ground covering. After snowstorms and subsequent formation of snow mounds, the priority is cleaning of the entrance ways, the sidewalks and the ramps to the underground parking lots. These areas are cleaned manually with rakes and shovels, and are then treated with defrosting agents. To clean larger areas such as open parking spaces, specialized equipment is used.

Treating the sidewalks and the streets with salts is a harmful practice. Salting is not efficient enough, especially at temperatures lower than - 6°С. Under such conditions, the action of the salt ceases, but damage to the vegetation is done, the water surfaces may be polluted, as well as the drinking water sources, and the ground covering may corrode. Just a few walks in the salted streets are disastrous to our boots. The investigations indicate that the winter sanding of streets and entrance ways is among the main reasons for the higher concentration of dust particles in the air.